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Inventory Source 1 
DATABASE ONE contains more than 150,000 salvage cars, trucks, suvs, vans, motorcycles, boats, atvs, rvs, snowmobiles, buses, semi trucks, trailers and heavy duty commercial vehicles.

Inventory Source 2
contains more than 120,000 salvage cars, trucks, suvs, vans, motorcycles, boats, atv, rvs, snowmobiles, buses, semi trucks, trailers and heavy duty commercial vehicles.

Inventory Source 3
SALVAGE BROKERS is our exclusive network of 103 nationwide brokers specializing in repairable insurance salvage vehicles. Some of our 103 salvage brokers have exclusive contracts with insurance companies and offer vehicles not listed in DATABASE ONE or TWO. There's no middleman you deal direct with the brokers and prices are negotiable.

Review the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS listed below before searching the Databases.



Choose from more than 8,000 classic, vintage, collectible sports cars, motorcycles and competition race cars for sale. These are not from the salvage car inventories, these highly unique automobiles, motorcycles and watercraft are typically rare and in exceptional condition. View the inventory of: CLASSIC COLLECTIBLE SPORTS CARS AND MOTORCYCLES FOR SALE


HOW DO YOU FIND CARS THAT ARE LISTED ON OUR WEBSITE? All vehicles listed on our website come direct from DATABASE ONE, DATABASE TWO and the 103 SALVAGE BROKERS links listed at the top of this page. If you don't find a particular vehicle that is listed on our website in any of the three inventory sources, that would indicate it has been sold. They sell very quickly, the inventory changes daily. However, more than 10,000 vehicles are sold each day and it's likely that similar vehicles listed on our website will again be available at some point in time.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DATABASE ONE AND DATABASE TWO? These are the two largest salvage vehicle databases in the world, they contain more than 200,000 salvage vehicles. Each database contains its own unique inventory and locations.

WHY CAN'T YOU LOGIN TO DATABASE ONE OR DATABASE TWO? You can search DATABASE ONE and DATABASE TWO as much and as often as you like, but you must register with each database when you decide to bid, make offers or buy a vehicle. You will be given a user name and password and there is no cost to register.

HOW DO YOU VIEW ALL THE SALVAGE VEHICLES THAT ARE FOR SALE? We provide three different sources of salvage vehicle inventory. See the DATABASE ONE, DATABASE TWO and SALVAGE BROKERS links listed at the top of the page to view approximately 200,000 salvage vehicles.

WHY DOESN'T THE DATABASE ON OUR WEBSITE FUNCTION?  The database posted on our website depicting the green Lamborghini is a non-functional example. Search the database inventories by clicking on the DATABASE ONE and DATABASE TWO links listed at the top of this page. You can also access the inventory of our exclusive network of 103 specialty brokers by clicking on the SALVAGE BROKERS link at the top of this page.

WHY DO WE SEND YOU TO OTHER WEBSITES? We own many of the various websites to which  you are redirected, we divide our information into a variety of separate websites to present our resources in an easy to understand format.

IS FINANCING AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE THESE VEHICLES?  Yes, 100% financing is available at competitive rates. See the SALVAGE VEHICLE FINANCING link listed at the bottom of this page.

DO YOU TAKE TRADE-INS?  We have a solution for anyone with a trade-in or a vehicle they want to sell very quickly. Any type vehicle or equipment is accepted no matter the age, condition or mileage. See the TRADE-INS link listed at the bottom of this page to get a quick cash quote on your vehicle.

HOW DOES OUR 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE WORK?  As described on our website, we guarantee to provide you an inventory of at least 15,000 salvage vehicles in stock for sale each week. If at any time there are less than 15,000 vehicles in stock for sale, we will refund 100% of your registration fee. We established this website in 1997 and not once has there been an occasion when there hasn't been 15,000 vehicles available each week.


FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AUCTIONS DATABASE - This the most complete and comprehensive database of Federal Government Auctions being conducted to liquidate the surplus, seized, forfeited, confiscated, foreclosed, unclaimed and abandoned assets acquired by various agencies of the US Federal Government.  These auctions are open to the public and are conducted online and at on-site facilities. Some agencies within the Federal Government conduct their own auctions while other agencies use commercial auction companies to manage and operate auctions on their behalf. 

STATE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT SURPLUS PROPERTY LIQUIDATION AUCTIONS - This is the most complete and comprehensive Government Auction Database for State and Local Government disposal of surplus assets from all 50 states. Items to be sold include real estate, motor vehicles of all types and variety, boats, aircraft, construction equipment, electronics, furniture, appliances, tools, machinery and many other categories of property.

POLICE IMPOUND AND SEIZED PROPERTY AUCTIONS - State and local police and sheriff departments acquire property through arrest forfeitures and seizures such as property used in the commission of a crime or property that was purchased from the proceeds of a crime. As well as vehicles that are impounded from uninsured drivers. Plus surplus police vehicles and equipment. Recovered and unclaimed stolen property and unclaimed evidence. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, vans, suvs, rvs and boats. 

USA, CANADA AND MEXICO BANKRUPTCY LIQUIDATION AUCTIONS - Choose from more than 400 auction companies in all 50 states of  the USA and throughout Canada and Mexico conducting bankruptcy, mortgage foreclosure, bank repossession, estate and business liquidation auctions. The sales are open to the public and the assets are sold to the highest bidder.  Property to include real estate, business inventories, autos, motorcycles, collectible coins and stamps, art work, boats, airplanes, guns, jewelry, industrial machinery, tools, furniture, restaurant equipment and many more categories.

CORPORATE RETAILER BUSINESS SURPLUS LIQUIDATION AUCTIONS - Surplus inventory of corporate retailers from around the world and government agency surplus assets from the USA and Europe sold in an online environment.  Bulk lots are sold by the truckload, the pallet or in small packaging. Conditions range from new in a box to Wal-Mart customer returns and various used goods.  Product categories include vehicles of various makes and models, boats, apparel, electronics, machinery, construction equipment, tools, housewares, jewelry, store fixtures, military defense equipment, medical and scientific devices. Browse more than 500 categories of items.


Classic Vintage Motorcycles Special inventory of rare collectible motorcycles for sale.

Expert Car Title Services Get car titles quickly for vehicles that have no title or car title is lost.

All 50 States DMV Direct links to the Department of Motor Vehicles in all 50 US states.

Canadian Customs Brokers Import and export cars to and from Canada.

Pay No Sales Tax Buy any kind of vehicle, motorcycle, rv, trailer, boat or airplane and pay no tax.

Auto Transport Bonded, licensed and insured delivery of salvage vehicles - get free rate quotes.

Customs Brokers Import and export vehicles to any location worldwide - get free rate quotes.

Salvage Vehicle Financing 100% financing for salvage vehicle purchases at competitive rates.

Trade-Ins Get a quick cash quote on any vehicle you want to sell regardless of mileage or condition.


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